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To whom it may concern,

    We attended a fun wedding reception in 2005 where Kenny Q was the DJ. We got engaged at the end of 2006 and one of the fist things we did to start our planning was to call Kenny Q and book his DJ services for our wedding. We never looked elsewhere after seeing his work. We also noticed that Kenny Q was highly recommended at Woodwinds, which assured us of our decision. 

    We met with Kenny Q and planned our reception. He gave us great ideas and suggestions but didn't force them upon us, letting the vibe of the night still be personalized by us. 

The evening of our wedding, Kenny Q and his son, Kenedi, were both very professional and respectful. Having worked at Woodwinds prior, they knew the facilities.

    Kenny Q kept our guests entertained before we were introduced. He got our guests on their feet for our introductions and kept them there. By the end of our reception, we still had the majority of our guests on the dance floor! We also had many people telling us " This is the best wedding I've ever been to". Kenny Q was a big part of that. There was never a dull moment. He didn't "take over" our wedding, he had just the right amount of crowd interaction, knowing when to jump in if there is a lull and keeping the crowd going. 

    Having attended several weddings over the years, then hosting our own, we know how important having that perfect DJ is and how their services could make or break the night. Kenny Q set the tone for our most memorable night. We both highly recommend Kenny Q to anyone for their DJ services. 

Shannon & Steve


Names: Steve & Shannon

Date: May 31, 2008

Facility: The Woodwinds ,Branford CT

Photography: King Vincent Storm Photography

Entertainment: Kenny Q Productions

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